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A Software Business That Doesn’t Require Coding Skills Or Much (Or Any) Money To Launch.

Written by Elijah

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Hey guys. I’d love to get your feedback on something. If I held up two pairs of sunglasses, which pair would you like better – pair A or pair B?

Now, that may seem like a weird question.

But, the reason I’m asking is because there are two entrepreneurs who started a website called PickFu, and all that website does is ask consumers a simple question like that.

People such as Amazon sellers, entrepreneurs, and marketers who have logos or other ideas that they want split tested literally just upload two images, and a group from the public will vote on it.

Simple concept right?

The reason why I’m telling you about this website now is because that little idea generates thousands and thousands of dollars a month by running those simple tests for entrepreneurs and marketers all over the world.

Can you get involved with your own software business?

Now, how cool would it be if you owned a little website or a little piece of software that generated monthly and annual recurring revenue by making life just a bit easier for someone? Well, that’s what I want to teach you.

As you know, I’m an Amazon seller. Most people know me as that and I’ve trained others to succeed with that for years, but I’m also a software entrepreneur. I have several software companies that now generate 7-figures a year in recurring revenue.

Now, for the first time, soon I’m going to be teaching people how to build their own software company even if they can’t write a lick of code like myself, and even if they have none of their own money to invest.

Also, something amazing about the software industry that most people don’t know, is there are literally millions of dollars mandated, which means it must be invested into software. I’ll show you how to access those funds as well.

Brand new training launching soon.

If all this sounds like something you’d be interested in then stay tuned, because pretty soon we’ll be launching some brand new free training for you guys to show you how you can get into the software business with little or no skills and little or no money of your own.

Take care for now.

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