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How a famous website earns millions by brokering information

Written by Elijah

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You know sometimes the secret to making big dollars is not hidden. 

There is no secret. 

The problem is people are too busy watching a footie and watching the news to actually pay attention and see it happening right in front of their eyes. 

So if you’ve got a minute, I want to show you something that every Australian will know and understand cause they probably use this website. But they’ve never actually stopped and thought ‘How could I do that and make money myself?’

The website I’m talking about is I wanna take you right now inside and show you what you can learn from how they built a multi-million dollar business. 

So, you probably know what ‘carsales’ is. These companies are in the business of selling information. So let’s just break down how carsales works. 

On one side they’ve got people, for example, who’ll say ‘I wanna buy a 2012 Toyota Camry’ or they might search ‘I wanna get a 2012-2014 Camry’. That is information. 

And, when you’re in the software business, your job if you’re an information broker – there are three types of software that I teach, this is one: information brokering – your job is to provide information. 

Carsales acquires that type of information every day from thousands and thousands of people who go to their website and search it. Every one of those searches are valuable. How valuable is it? It depends, right? They acquire information for almost nothing, and on the other side in this particular example, there are people who have a Camry for sale.

Now if you have a Camry that you want to sell, let’s say it’s $20,000, you would want that information. You would want to know who’s looking for the car that you have for sale. 

Now, in the case of carsales they charge $80 to advertise your car until sold on their platform, right? But carsales is really smart. They don’t just charge that one person who’s got a Camry. That piece of information that they have, they sell to everybody who has a Camry. So they sell that information multiple times, so that everybody in Australia who has a Camry between that age and that age who’s paid the $80 will be shown to that searcher.

That is how they make money. It’s really important if you wanna be an entrepreneur that you start to examine and deconstruct how money is made and not just be a participant, but be somebody who’s really smart and really educated. 

Start to think: how could I gather information digitally and sell it via arbitrage like ‘carsales’.

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