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Entrepreneurs get paid to solve problems

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith


Adam Hudson: (00:00)
Good morning everybody! Welcome to Carpool Coaching on this fine morning. I hope this message finds you well. So I wanted to share something with you this morning that was something I learned in 2008 that if I, I’ve always said to myself, if I go through this again, I’ll know to do this one thing. And so I wanted to just share that with you this morning because it may be very helpful to a lot of people out there right now that are struggling and that are in pain or in an uncomfortable or difficult time. And it’s a very, very simple thing. And it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to us in the West because we’re so abundantly blessed with an organized society that things happen when they’re supposed to happen most of the time or how, you know, we have a lot more control than what many parts of the world do.

Adam Hudson: (00:51)
So we particularly struggle the wealthier the country is that we live in. And in 2008, one of the biggest mistakes that I think I’ve made was I didn’t act quickly enough or adapt quickly enough to the new world environment. And it’s not easy to do. But in 2008, the world fell apart over the course of about 90 days. From memory, it was about 90 days. They saw this rumor you know, the stock market is shaky and then all of a sudden this Lehmann brothers was collapsing, the world was falling apart. The stock market just got absolutely decimated. Liquidity dried up, properties stopped. It was like a smaller version of what we’re going through now, but it was very severe economically and it was a genuine economic meltdown. Whereas this is an economic meltdown stimulated by obviously a health crisis, which we know, but one thing that as I said, looking back, the people who adjusted and were able to let go of yesterday and let go of how things were a week ago or a month ago and quickly go, alright well this is the world we’re in today and we’re going to be in this world for a little while now and I’m not going to sit here and you know, reminisce and wonder what ifs and all that stuff.

Adam Hudson: (02:12)
Yesterday is over. It’s done. How was a month ago or how it was three months ago. We’ll never get that back. That’s, that’s in the rear view mirror. The best advice that I can give you right now for adjustment, if you’re in a difficult time, is adapting fast. And you know, people who, I’ve spent some time with people who are living in the country or in remote areas, they are really good at this because they’re so remote, it comes in their DNA. When there’s a problem, it has to be fixed now, right? Like it has to be dealt with now. There’s no need to flower it up. It’s time to go to work. And so I know that many of you are doing this, I’m talking to just some people today that maybe they’re still grieving where Australia was or wherever you are in the world, you know three months ago or four months ago or late last year.

Adam Hudson: (03:06)
We’re not there now. So it’s really important that we hustle quickly. Let go of that, focus on what there is now and get resourceful. Just this morning I was reading on Facebook of a guy who’s a realtor. His business has been decimated. ‘Anyway, I’ve got a family to feed, what am I going to do?’ So he went to work and figured out all the legislations and things about how to do a home showing in Corona times and ran some ads on Facebook and ran a webinar teaching agents how to do an open home and pivoted like as a real estate agent turned into a real estate agent educator. And got clients the same week by just thinking how can I serve people? And the way these things work in human nature is when this shit starts to come down the pipe, the first thought is how do I take care of myself?

Adam Hudson: (03:59)
You know, how do I make sure I have enough toilet paper, for example? The next is, okay, how do I adjust to normality? And the third stage of the process is how do I thrive? How do I serve others? How do I give, how do I thrive? The quicker you can get into that third stage, the more income opportunities are going to open to you. The more your brain goes to start solving problems that can bring income instead of protect you from loss. So I just wanted to put that out there today, this morning that, you know, I’ve been through this in 2008. This time I adapted super, super quick to this is the world we’re living in. Yesterday’s gone all the rules of yesterday, the yesterday’s world. How do we survive and thrive given the current climate? And so with all of what I’m doing, like with my app that I’m developing that I announced to our community on the weekend, I’m looking at the scenarios, you know, if I only signed people up to the app for third of what I originally thought so 10 bucks a month instead of 30 and if I only do half the amount of business and I went through and just did all the scenarios again based on the absolute worst possible possible, and accept those numbers and go am I prepared to sign up for that wholeheartedly as an investor?

Adam Hudson: (05:16)
And the answer is still, thankfully is yes, given the strength of that business model, but it’s really being daylight brutal about where you are today and letting go of that past guys, you’ve got to let go of that past quickly and go right, we could be in this for six months, right? And we could be in this for eight, nine months, it might be a while. So this is the new world we’re living in. How do we adjust to it? And the quicker you do that, the quicker you’ll get your exercise routines back in play based on the world we’re living in now. The quicker you’ll get your, you know, your personal life in or around your environment around you in order to survive and thrive through this period. And then you can go into how do I thrive, how do I add economic value?

Adam Hudson: (05:58)
What are people’s needs and so on. And the people who adapt quickest to that are going to be first to market in those solutions. So there you have it. I love it at the moment in one way. I love seeing the innovation that comes out of necessity. It’s always been the case. The depression was a hotbed for some of the most innovative times in human history because people had to make things work. When people have to make things work innovation appears. So that’s a great human quality that we all have is this ability to innovate when we are required to. And the quicker you get into the moment, the more that innovation will be fired up. It’s time to become aggressively active in what you’re doing. All right guys, that’s it for the morning. Hope that you are well out there and abiding by all of the rules that are set out for us.

Adam Hudson: (06:49)
I know that some of you think that the coronavirus is a big scam and Bill Gates is behind it all. Me, I’m following the guidance of our government. I’m grateful to be in this wonderful country and I’m focused on how I can solve problems and add value to people right now because as entrepreneurs we get paid to solve problems. And right now there’s a shit ton of problems waiting to be solved. If your eyes are open. And I’m focused on how do I serve. And if you can do that, there’s opportunity everywhere. I’m going to dive in over the next few Carpool Coachings into some basic things that may help you, that pretty much everyone could be doing right now to at least be sowing the seeds for future income. Alright, guys, lots of love to you all out there. Take care and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

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