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How a successful business was formed from a 3×5 card

Written by Talita


When Joe and Adam sat down together at The Three Monkeys Cafe and set a goal in 2015, the timing was not necessarily perfect – in fact it was crazy! At 0 students, they wanted to positively impact the lives of 10,000 people by them becoming Reliable Education students. The necessary ingredient was to do it in a way where we could hold our head up, look people in the eye, and say, “we are proud of how we sold this to you.” No bulls**t. No lies.

In retrospect, Reliable Education achieved this goal 1 year ahead of schedule – and what makes this reflection more sweeter is that we have maintained and protected what we call ‘our DNA’ throughout.

Our first course was sampled to friends and family, we wanted to get honest and constructive feedback before rolling it out to the greater public and a year later, with a brand new worldwide team in play, we reached our first milestone of 100 students. From then, it has been an upward slope, growing 10x in 2017, welcoming students in over 40 countries till date,proving once again that “head, heart and fire-in-the-belly” is our winning formula.

In 2017, the Reliable Education put together our first student only summit, an event which has now become the student’s blue eyed boy. When Joe and Adam walked into the first room, they clearly remember being blown away by how big it felt. There were approximately 400 people and the team never dreamt that 2.5 years later they’d be in a room with over 2000 students. The reputation our Summits has earned over the years has tickets selling out in minutes, with a line up of highly respected business and eCommerce heavyweights, and even a former Australian Prime Minister!

Reliable Education’s first summit was also the launch of our brand new private coaching program, Platinum Partners. This program has over the years produced the finest e-Commerce sellers, turning over millions of dollars yearly. Today, we have reached our 7th intake, with each year’s applications surpassing the last & the community thriving with strong connections made.

In November of the same year Reliable Education entered into a partnership with the John Fawcett Foundation and took a first trip to Bali with our students who were so keen to take part in charity work with us, restoring sight to communities in Indonesia. We started with one eye surgery and a vision to make it part of our culture and in January 2019 we officially branded our charity efforts and launched Reliable Foundation. We closed off the 2019 partnership with the John Fawcett foundation having achieved a massive impact: 2977 blind people were healed, 15 763 pair of glasses given, 6287 free medications, 165 prosthetic eyes and a $275 000 USD mobile eye surgery clinic all our students had a hand in donating. See how powerful a vision can be? These kinds of metrics are what brings the true meaning to our efforts in business.

February 2018 we officially opened our Rhino Factory – our working office and studio. Party tickets sold out in 3 minutes! The factory has been, till recently home to our webinars and the shooting of our courses. The writing’s on the wall “ To provide the world’s best Amazon training” are now imprinted in our hearts and minds in formulating and delivering new courses and training.

Moving along to 2019 to date the team at Reliable have achieved much more that was not part of the plan, but is a result of Adam and Joe dreaming big and executing with integrity.Our students from all over the world have made over 1.1 billion USD in sales on Amazon and are continuing to crush it in the toughest economic times.Joe and Adam also accepted an award for becoming one of the few online educators in the world to surpass $10 000 000 USD in sales in under 3 years. We’re launching more courses and navigating our way through a pandemic, all owing to strong foundations.

In all this it has not been smooth sailing but focussed actions, with prior proper planning from the entire team. Collaboration is what makes us a family at our core. There have been ups and downs but we remain resolute that we want to be the world’s best and that our amazing students deserve the best from us.

If you leave with anything from reading this today, leave with this fact that all this started with a 3×5 card that outlined Adam and Joe’s goals.Nothing complicated. Just a very clear goal that can be encapsulated in this sentence: Never underestimate the power of focus and hard work.

If you reflect today are you where you want to be? If not, the next best time to start is today.Don’t underestimate where you can be in 4 years time. Here’s to the power of focussed action and choosing you!

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