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How organization and automation help me generate a 7-figure recurring revenue

Written by Elijah

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Hey guys, Adam Hudson here. 

I want to tell you today how I built a 7-figure recurring revenue business that has no inventory, has a product that can be sold all over the world, and is worth a lot of money. 

It comes down to two words and those words are organization and automation

So, if you actually like organizing things and you like the idea of automating things, I wanna show you actually inside the software.

I’m gonna be teaching people soon how they too can build their own software business from anywhere in the world even if you have no money and even if you have no coding skills.   

So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna jump you in here and show you how one of my software companies works. Then I’m gonna come back and invite you to learn more about how you can get started in software yourself and have a lot of fun in the process. 

So let’s jump in and let me show you how this piece of software works and how we generate seven figures a year in revenue from this little piece of software. 

As you know, this piece of software, ZonGuru, is designed to help Amazon sellers have a better experience. Now there are two million amazon sellers in the world and if you aren’t one of them, or maybe you are, you would know that to manage your Amazon business you log in to a place called Seller Central which is the engine that Amazon sellers use to look at their results and all that sort of stuff.

Over here on the side, we created a secondary piece of software that connects to our client’s Amazon account. And what we do is we organize. But before we organize we have to collect the data and the way that we do that is by pulling the information in from our client’s Amazon account, from their Seller Central account via what’s called an API.

Now in software, API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s like having the keys to the back door of Amazon’s data room, and they give us the keys cause they want programs like us, software like us to help their users have a better experience. 

They allow us to grab that information on behalf of their client, pull it into our software program. And, when we do that it’s called ‘a call’ just out of interest. Once we have the data, we organize it, right? We organize it in a way that answers important questions for people who sell on Amazon. Right, that’s called the programming layer. 

Then we sit down and think ‘what problems can we solve for Amazon sellers’? And some of the problems that our software once we set up, it automatically gives answers to Amazon sellers are things like ‘How much money am I making’?

Now you might be thinking ‘doesn’t seller central, doesn’t Amazon tell you?’ No, actually. Amazon will tell you your gross sales but they don’t work out what all your expenses are, and all your Amazon fees and present it in one simple glance.

So ZonGuru customers use ZonGuru because we pull all their data in and organize it in a way that actually makes sense, so they’ll know whether they’re making or losing money.

We also tell them things like what their best selling products are and what their worst-selling products are at a glance. As soon as they log in to ZonGuru they can get that information. 

They’ll also be told without having to muck around and go to this report and that report. We instantly pull it in and say ‘this is how much you spend on advertising and these are the products that are selling the best via advertising, and these are the ones you’re losing money on via advertising.’ 

We also tell them what words they should be using in their listings on Amazon to optimize their listing. We also do a whole bunch of other stuff. Basically, the software solves a variety of problems for Amazon sellers. 

Now just to put it into perspective, and I’m not gonna tell you how much we make as a software cause it’s confidential, we’re a private company. But I will tell you that the average customer spends USD $65 a month, so to put that into perspective, right? Keep in mind that we do the programming work once, right? If we only had a hundred customers worldwide, we’d be making $6,500 a month.

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