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Why people are not made in the good times

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith



I had $12 million in stock and I had properties we listed 3 months before the 2008 meltdown. Looking back like all things that are character building I’m so grateful for, but at the time it was gonna set me back you know like 15 years of growth and I got to $3,000. By the time I was 37-38, I had $3,000 left.

If you wanna know somebody, you gotta know their hard times cause that’s when they’re made, right? People are not made in the good times. Usually, they’re made in hard times. So it was unbelievably humiliating and that’s when I knew ‘Adam, it’s time to pull your boots up, you need to turn around’.

And within about 3 or 4 weeks, I was going door to door from that moment down to Burleigh and James street here. And I remembered Jim Rohn, the late Jim Rohn said ‘time, faith and circumstance will call a hasty confidence around you at certain points in your life. And those will be the pivotal defining moments.’

And those words just came to me at that moment. As I was sitting there with the key in the car, it was dawn on me that if I drive away, there’s no reason to come back tomorrow. Because the same thing is waiting for me tomorrow. And if I couldn’t overcome it today, why would I overcome it tomorrow? Because I’m gonna have less belief tomorrow.

And within the first few hours there, I did 3 sales and I had a $1,000 a month income as a result of 1 day work. And then I went ‘Wow, that actually could work’. So then I kept doing that and so I did and I kept building up to where I had about $10-15,000 a month in recurring income. And then I, being an entrepreneur, franchised it.

And then shortly after that I moved to the United States and I ended up over there. With the animation company, yeah. That’s a whole nother story.

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