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Video Update: Adam in Beijing at his Amazon suppliers factories

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith

Hey guys, Adam here. I’m coming to you today from the 67th floor of the World Trade Centre, in Beijing. I’m staying at the Shangri La. Right behind me, the picture isn’t clear because it’s so bright, but this is actually looking straight out over the city of Beijing. What I wanted to talk to you about today, I’m actually about to go out into the provinces. I’m getting picked up in two or three hours from now by one of my manufacturers here at the hotel—they’re taking me to the Hebei province, which is kind of south from where I am. We’re going to actually walk inside one of the factories, meet the people who make the stuff that I sell, and actually get a real insight into the environment that my products are being made in.

It’s going to be super interesting. But, what I wanted to talk to you about today is what I’ve seen here in the last few days in China. This building is built on top of an enormous shopping centre; these are all over the place in China, and what you’re probably thinking is, “What do you see inside of a Chinese shopping centre?” Well, let me tell you. First of all, it’s exactly like being in a high-end Australian, UK, or American shopping centre. It’s full of premium brands like Gucci, Armani, Versace, and Mont Blanc. All those are there, as well as a bunch of major franchises that you’ll see in the US and Australia, as well.

What I’ve also noticed is that when I walk down the street here, the guys and the girls are immaculately dressed in titled leather jackets, and furs, and Rolex watches. They really are very fashion-conscious. They look me up and down as a westerner to see what I’m wearing. They’re aspiring to have those brands and have that luxury. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, “Get out of here, you’re in Beijing. Beijing is an international city. It was home of the Olympics, and the rest of China isn’t like Beijing.” That might be true, but let me make this point again: There are twenty two million people in this wealthy city of Beijing. It’s, by my estimation, one of the most expensive cities I’ve experienced in terms of shopping for food, shopping for clothes. All that stuff is so expensive. I went to get a movie ticket the other day. It was thirty US dollars, just to get a movie ticket. I said it in the last video.

So, the reason I’m saying this to you is, as somebody who’s building an Amazon brand, I know right now you’re probably thinking, “I just need to find their product, I’m doing my research.” But, when you get a little bit further down the road and have already developed your brand; you’ve got your logo, you’ve got your brand, and you’ve got your niche. You’ve got five, six products that are maybe going to turn into ten or fifteen in the next year. I’m sort of at the point now where I have a little suite of quality products, and they’re all very aligned. It’s a premium brand that’s being sold on Amazon throughout the US and Europe. But, the next place I’m going to be looking at is selling in Amazon in China, because it’s such a massive market, and there are so many consumers here that aspire to have quality American brands.

 The irony of it is, a lot of the stuff that these premium brands are selling is actually made here in China, which is really quite interesting. I saw a—I’ll see if I can find one again—I actually saw a truck, like a motorized bike, and on the back of it was an Amazon trailer. I think what they do, is they drive these trucks, mobile delivery of Amazon products. I’m going to do some research to find out, but it was actually a fold out thing, and then people came to the truck, got their stuff, and walked away. Unfortunately, I had my phone in the room at the time, so I couldn’t take a photograph.

So, lots of interesting stuff going on, here in China. I’ll give you another update as I go out today in the fields and get out of this big city, into a province which I’m sure has millions of people there as well. I’ll make another video for that.

So, hopefully you’re having fun, wherever you are. Thanks for watching and bye for now.

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