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Where does opportunity lie?

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith


It is in connecting dots that others aren’t connecting that opportunity lies. 

How do you measure creativity? Do you have ideas on how that can be implemented into the education system today?

One of the first things that all educators need to teach kids in particular is to overcome their fear of being wrong and failing. You need to be surrounded by people who understand the fragility of ideas and the sacred crosses and being able to hold the space for ideas. And setting exercises for them to start connecting dots that others aren’t seeing.

And I think if they can do that and start to get kids to think instead of remember, then I think we’re onto something. 

I’m very happy to hear obviously from a person of your caliber to show that those transferable skills are relevant in the business industry as well. 

Yeah, there needs to be a narrative in business around the process of ideation. And there needs to be time and space allocated in the day of a business for people to innovate and be rewarded for innovation because that is the only way to create advantage over your competitors. 

Tony Robbins says, you know, the quality of your life is going to be determined by the quality of the questions that you’re asking. So getting kids to be aware firstly that they are asking questions constantly and answering them. And your brain… that’s how your brain works, your mind. 

So when you can intervene in that process and start directing the questions instead of driving to work and saying why is it always so busy. If you can ask a better question like what is the best podcast I can listen to in the next 30 minutes while I’m in the traffic?

I know the answer to that!

All of a sudden you’ve transformed the direction of your life by intervening in the question asking process. 

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