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Bring out your creative genius

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith


Adam Hudson: (00:00)
Good morning everybody. I hope this message finds you fighting fit and well this morning. What a beautiful day we have. Sorry, I’ve been offline for a few days. We had a very, very big weekend. We had Friday, Saturday and Sunday broadcasting event out to the world. And so I’m only just now starting to recover. We broadcast for three days straight from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon from our studios, certainly a world first for us. It was an unbelievable three days and we’ve been fielding so many emails and SMSs and comments and all of that stuff over the course of three days, there were over 3000 comments on our Facebook stream, well Facebook post where we are tracking the event from people around the world. It was just an incredible, incredible time.

Adam Hudson: (01:03)
Now I wanted to just talk quickly with you this morning because I’m on my way to a meeting, but I just wanted to talk to you cause I know a lot of you right now are in very different spots and I just want to be a reminder to you this morning, especially for those that are going through some real hardship right now. You know, you will survive this, we know that. I think everybody knows that we’re going to survive this period in time, but it’s very, very important that you don’t forget how strong you are and the creative power that you have on the other side of this. What’s very different to this from when you go through a global financial crisis and which I went through in 2009, as many of you did, there’s so much more empathy and sympathy in the air now in the business community and so on. I think when these restrictions are lifted, we’re going to see a very, very quick re-invigoration of things.

Adam Hudson: (02:13)
Now we’re going to be left obviously, one of the guests we had on the weekend was former prime minister John Howard, and I spoke to him, and on Sunday morning we put that out to the world. You know, we are going to be in debt as a country, but as an individual our creative power is still within our grasp. And so while we can look at the national state of things and feel depressed that we are going to be in a financial hole we are going to be in less of a financial hole than many other countries in the world. Thankfully. And as John Howard reminded us on the weekend, we’re very blessed to be endowed with such rich resources in this country. That’s all might be true, but we are going to be in a tough place for a while as a country. But as an individual, we’re going to be living in a world where people are ready to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

Adam Hudson: (03:05)
And your role, if you’re following me here, I’m guessing you’re an entrepreneur or you’re inspired to be an entrepreneur. That is a wonderful environment in which to start a business. That’s a wonderful environment in which to thrive and scale a business. So if you can control at this moment yourself, this is where the personal development that you’ve been doing for the years or months, right now really comes into play. This self management, the ability to control your emotions, to control the fear and keep your mind as calm as you can, you know, through through this. And I know as I said, for many people it’s scary and right now it’s survival mode.

Adam Hudson: (04:01)
But if you can control your fear through this and you can just map your way through and keep that little piece of your mind open to possibility, you’re going to fare very well on the other side of this. So just, I know that whenever you turn the news on, whenever you flick it on it’s just full on fear and negativity. But inside and underneath still in here in the belly is your creative genius that you’ve always had and you always will have. So don’t forget that is sitting there. Leave a little bit of bandwidth for that dialogue between the gap and the brain to keep in loop your creative power because it is creativity that will solve all of these problems including the virus itself. So keep that channel of creativity open, keep that channel of positivity and possibility open at the moment for yourself and you will feel so much better than the people who just line up at Dan Murphy’s, hoard up with alcohol and toilet paper and then close off the world and lock themselves into television.

Adam Hudson: (05:08)
That’s the world that we’re living in. Those who don’t do that, those who are contrarian at this time and open in spirit are going to stand to be in a much, much better place in a matter of what weeks probably, months or weeks. But it’s not going to be that long. We will get through this. And on the other side, we will fight out of this quickly in my opinion. All right guys. Have a great day out there. I’ll check back in tomorrow. And keep moving forward. Keep control of your emotion at this time. One day at a time. All right guys. Bye for now.

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