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FAQs About Our Webinars

Written by Adam Hudson

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about our webinars.

  • Want to know how long the webinar runs? The answer is below!
  • Want to know how much money you need to start an Amazon business? The answer is below!
  • Want to know what our student’s profit margins and success rates are? The answer is below!
  • Want to know about the tax implications of selling on Amazon and whether you can sell in other markets outside of America? The answer is below!

If you take 2-3 minutes to read these before you attend, it will help you focus on the content and enjoy the experience more.

How long does the webinar last?

The webinar usually lasts 90 minutes and then there are about 30 minutes of Q&A.

With the numbers being quoted around student results, what is the average profit margin?

Based on various surveys we’ve conducted, students average about a 25% profit margin. So if you see a screenshot of someone’s Amazon account showing $20,000 in sales, that means that they probably made about $5,000 profit.

Are the numbers being quoted in USD, AUD, or other currency?

Unless otherwise stated, all numbers are in USD because most students sell on Amazon USA regardless of where they live.

Does this training work if I don’t want to sell into Amazon in America and can I sell into Amazon Australia, Canada, Japan, or some other Amazon marketplace using what you teach?

Yes! You can use this training to sell into any Amazon marketplace. Just keep in mind that it’s the same effort to develop a product and manage an Amazon business regardless of where your customers are. For this reason, many people choose larger marketplaces like America. What’s awesome about Amazon is that if you use Amazon’s fulfillment network, you won’t ever see or touch the products anyway.

Does your course and training apply to me (and work) if I live in India, China, New Zealand, Canada, or anywhere else in the world?

Yes! You can live anywhere.

If I buy your training program, how long does it take to complete?

The online course itself is a little over 30 hours of training. Then there is a 1-Day live training available where you can attend our training center which is 8 hours, but you can also watch a live stream of that. Then there are the recordings of several of our student-only summits that are each about 20 hours of recorded content.

Does the program include any 1:1 coaching and support?

Yes! You will receive 3 x 1:1 coaching calls delivered over Zoom as part of your investment in this program. Our coaches are all active Amazon sellers doing more than USD $20,000/month in sales right now. Some are doing over $100,000/month in sales.

If I am in a long-term relationship (life partner) does the tuition fee quoted on the webinar include both of us?


What is the average success from your student base?

At the time of writing this answer, we have about 14,000 students from over 45 countries. Most of them sell on Amazon USA and some sell into Amazon Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and other markets.

To date, the entire student community has sold about USD $1.35 BILLION dollars but not all of them are selling on Amazon. Some bought the course and never started. Some are in the process of starting. That being said, if you take $1.35 Billion and divide it by all 14,000 students, it’s about $100,000 in sales per student. 

Other data that we have collected suggests that about 50% of our students are actually live and selling on Amazon which means that the average of those who actually launch a product is closer to $200,000 in sales.

Where are you getting these numbers from? Are they just made up?!

Almost all of our students use a piece of software that we developed. This software enables them to do lots of really cool things on Amazon but it also gives us a direct link into their Amazon Seller Accounts. We can see:

  • What they sell
  • What price they sell their products for
  • How many units are in stock
  • How many units they are selling in real-time
  • And lots more!

All the numbers we quote above about student sales are based on real-time data that is coming out of their actual Amazon seller accounts. So yes, it’s real!

How long does it take to launch an Amazon business?

You can launch a product on Amazon in about 1-hour once your seller account is set up. That being said, it takes a lot longer to identify, source, and manufacture a reasonable quantity of a great product to sell. On average, most students take about 6 months to go through that process of learning, identifying their first product, sourcing it, manufacturing it, and shipping it to Amazon. 

How much capital do I need to launch an Amazon business?

We recommend a minimum of $5,000 and that is just to launch with a very small quantity of a test product.

Does my course tuition fee include access to the software shown in the webinar?

No. The software we use in the webinar is provided by a third-party software provider. We do include a discount code to access that software if you buy our course. It costs about USD $400/year or you can sign up monthly for about USD $50/month.

What are the tax implications of making money on Amazon? 

Most of our students sell on Amazon in the United States but they do not live there. In most cases, Amazon does not withhold any income that you earn for taxation purposes in the US, however that may be different for you if you live in some countries. You will have to do your research but we know that Australians, New Zealanders, and residents of almost all European and Asian countries do not have to pay tax in the US on income generated there, but you WILL have to pay tax on that profit in your home country at whatever rates are appropriate for the entity you are trading with. In short. Talk to your accountant but you will almost always have to pay tax on your profits in the country that you live in but not in the US.

How do I get my product on to page #1 instantly as a new Amazon seller?

There is only one legal way to get your product to Page #1 on Amazon right away and that’s by buying advertisements via Amazon’s ad platform. This is very powerful and enables a complete newcomer to any marketplace to appear right next to the most established sellers from day 1.

Do I need to advertise my products on Google, YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else when I become an Amazon seller?

Most of our students run no advertising at all outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

How do I source products?

We teach our students to source products via a range of sourcing websites, trade shows, and other channels that are explained in more detail in our paid course. There is a lot to sourcing and it is an area where untrained first-time sellers can lose a lot of money if they don’t know what they’re doing. Getting the wrong supplier is one of the highest risk areas of this business therefore you really need to invest in sound education around this issue.

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