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Finding Silence In Amongst All The Noise

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith


Good morning, everybody! Hope you are well this fine day. I just wanted to follow up quickly on last night’s little chat that we had. I think it’s incredibly important guys at this time that you make a distinction between aggressive action and desire, which is super, super important, right? Aggressive action and desire, which I talked about last night. But that doesn’t mean noise. It doesn’t mean lay out. It doesn’t mean jumping up and down and doing a power move. It means quiet resolve. That’s what I’m hoping you guys will get through this time is, you know, real strength doesn’t need to yell. Real strength doesn’t need to. Real power doesn’t require that. Real power is real power. It doesn’t need noise. So make sure that you make that distinction. You know, if you’re trying to make that needle move happen and you are to resolve to do it now, make sure that you resolve as a silent decision.

Sometimes you will share it. Sometimes you’ll invite other people into your journey. Sometimes you’ll share your goal. But one thing that doesn’t mean is false voice. It doesn’t mean pumping yourself up unnecessarily, right? It means inside of yourself. Like where I am this morning, I’ll just show you where I am in a second. This is a great location to do it. So here I am this morning. This is the ocean right there. This is just down the road from where I live, a very short walk from where I live. And when you turn on the phone and there’s always noise about Coronavirus and all the other shit that’s going on in the world, it’s really important that you take a minute to just establish a feet on the ground and establish yourself on this earth at the moment because we’re all in here. All right? We’re not here, we’re not connecting to the dirt, we’re not connecting to the ground and to all this other stuff.

And all this stuff is going to be here long after you and I are even gone. So what am I encouraging you to do this morning is, you know, when you’re thinking about this time, you got plenty of time for reflection and thought. I really, if you, after that, if you’re aching for that needle moving change, then seek silence and make a deep, unwavering resolution within yourself that you are going to use this time to make the change happen and then go and do it. Go and do it. You have everything that you need, even at this time you have everything you need. You have all this potential in your creative belly, fire in your heart. Let’s go and make it happen. You can do it. All right guys, I’m going to leave you guys to it this morning. You can play this back couple of times if you want. Just take in that beautiful view. Stunning up here. What a beautiful place. All right guys. Talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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