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Here’s the bad news…You can’t have it all

Written by Oliver Brushfield-Smith


Good morning, everybody! Ho y’all doing? Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of carpool coaching. I have some important training for you today. So I hope that you’re gonna take some notes or take this in, because this is an important message especially this time, especially for people who have big dreams. 

Now, last night I did an awesome session with young people from all over the world. It was a young entrepreneurs night which was really really good. This morning I want to talk to you guys about something that at first you’re not gonna like to hear, but then you’re gonna really like the logic of what I’ve got to tell you. 

So, the first thing I want to say to you is that you can’t have it all. So I know at first this sounds really hard to process because we love to, in the west, believe we can have it all. And entrepreneurs are usually prolific in their imagination and prolific in their idea generation and prolific in what they wanna have which is great, right? 

That’s a wonderful thing! I am prolific in those respects as well. In times like now when we are – when I say we I mean people like me who are content creators – are saying there’s unprecedented opportunity. There’s money being made left and right. Airline stocks are doubling, bank stocks are going up, Amazon’s booming, e-commerce is booming. 

All of that’s true, but guess what. There’s only one of you. Right? You can’t molly yourself, you know clone yourself like Molly the sheep. There’s only one of you and you only have so much bandwidth. 

And so this is where you need strategy. And this is where you need basics. This is where if you haven’t set goals as a basic premise of your life, you have no foundation. And your little tower that you’re trying to build is blowing in the wind, because you have all this stuff coming at you.

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